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We provide high-performing computer hardware solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through a collaborative design process that fuels the success of their products.
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We Help OEMs
OEMs need to be sure that their products will perform at the highest level. They also need a trusted partner who has experience managing surges in demand and late-stage schedule adjustments. OEMs want a joint design manufacturer who is with them from the design discussion through the full lifecycle of their product—a partner who is embedded in their success. Our joint solution design approach, manufacturing flexibility, lifecycle management, and knowledgeable technical support give OEMs the backing they need to be the leaders in their field.
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Challenges We Solve For OEMs

Constrained Internal Resources
Inefficient Development Cycle
Unresponsive Service & Support From Suppliers
Missing Emerging Technology Opportunities
Isolated Development Process
Ignored Requirements
Interruptions In Production
Inconsistent Quality Of Incoming Product
Different Goals & Priorities Than Supplier
Disruptions In Supply Chain

What A Leading OEM Had to Say About Equus:

“Our contract manufacturer, Equus Compute Solutions, builds Storage Pod 6.0 and it works great. Production costs are well understood, performance is great, and the new higher density drives perform quite well in the 6.0 chassis.”

We’re Different from Other System Builders

We are the premier provider of advanced, custom-configured server and storage solutions with extensive OEM-specific experience and expertise.

When you partner with Equus Compute Solutions, you are buying peace of mind for your business and your customers. Our services start from the very first design discussion and continue through the full lifecycle of your product.  

We are a joint design manufacturer, meaning that solutions are created collaboratively and for you, exclusively. 

With over 30 years of design, supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, and support experience, you can rely on us to help fuel your product's success for years to come.

How We Differentiate


Joint Solution Design Process

Our Joint Solution Development process is a collaborative approach to designing your technology solutions that leverages your strengths, our experience, and the engineering chops of technology component suppliers. Joint Solution Development hinges on this combined knowledge and skill sets to maximize speed to market and customization and lower overhead cost. 

Don’t let a supplier tell you they are an ODM supplying you with their product. it’s your product that we help you design, produce, and deliver on short lead times.

Proactive Lifecycle Management

Our proactive lifecycle management process prevents surprises and disruptions to your business operations. 

Our lifecycle management process has three phases: Develop, Sustain, and Extend.

During the Develop stage, we work through component selection and development of your comprehensive LCM plan.  

Once your product goes into production, our program managers host monthly reviews and execute component action plans to sustain consistency of your product.  

Finally,to Extend the lifecycle of your product we conduct replacement component testing and validation and/or secure the necessary inventory to support the full life of your product.


Innovative Engineering Expertise

Our team of compute and storage subject matter experts have a deep understanding of manufacturer road maps, ensuring that you have the best compute and storage solution for your product.  

Our early visibility into emerging technology coupled with our engineering solutions lab allows us to use the latest technology so that you can have confidence in your solution. 

We have over 30 years of design, compute, networking, and storage experience as well as expertise in unique I/O workloads, virtualization,component supplier roadmaps. 

On top of our years of expertise, we make sure to cultivate an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies.

Versatile Solutions Lab

Our high-performance solutions and R&D lab helps OEMs integrate, test, and certify hardware and software. 

Our flexible approach to leveraging custom configuration allows us to stage and test prototypes and POCs in our Solutions Lab, where we can easily swap components and try new ideas. We can create simulated workloads, and we have several IO generating software tools. Our customers login remotely to test gear and have the ability to visit for direct interaction with our engineers and our customer’s prototypes. This accelerates their products’ time to market.

Experienced Program Management

Equus will manage your embedded products program, all the while giving your team full visibility into the process including program performance metrics. Your program manager ensures that you have a single point of contact conducting regular program calls with the necessary stakeholders. 

We manage forecasts based on component availability as well as your demand schedule, so the hardware is ready when you need it. We’ll also make component investments on your behalf, including binding and non-binding purchase orders. 

Due to long-standing relationships with leading suppliers, we shorten time-to-market, and lead times on production orders, while reducing your supply chain risk. Equus will manage the relationships with component manufacturers,reducing the number of vendors your team needs to track. We help ensure build document adherence and provide controlled change management when you need it.

Our program managers are embedded in and committed to the success of your products throughout their lifecycles.

Adaptable Manufacturing

Our multiple production facilities in City of Industry, CA, and Chicago, IL,  allow us to excel at configurable compute solutions, servers, and storage devices. Having more than one facility in the US reduces your risk of supply chain disruptions. Single site suppliers don’t offer redundancy and are forced instead to farm out your builds to other CMs when their facilities become inoperable. 

Our production techs are skilled at building compute and storage systems in small form factor, single server nodes, fully integrated racks and multi-rack suites.Our facilities are equipped to manage surges in demand and accommodate late-stage schedule adjustments.  

Our rigorous manufacturing process includes:
·        Custom software imaging
·        Component installation
·        Testing
·        Serial number tracking of all components
·        Server sub-component serialization
·        Component preparation
·        Asset tagging
·        100% system testing
·        BIOS stamping
·        Labeling and branding options 

Our approach ensures the highest quality standards while maximizing efficiency, reducing costs and lead times. The result is full system integration, ready to be embedded in your products.

Leading Technology Partnerships

Our direct relationships with leading manufacturers like Intel and Supermicro allow us to provide some of the shortest lead times on custom systems in the industry. Our team also has deep product line knowledge to ensure that your solution provides maximum performance at the lowest cost.

Responsive Technical Support

Our team is experienced at supporting embedded hardware from inspiration to obsolescence. We operate a 24/7/365 help desk to give you best-in-class support when you need it.  

Our spare pools and advance replacement programs can support full system or component replacement. Depot repair services provide a five business day turnaround from receipt. We can even create custom support models to align with your internal service level agreements including on-site FRU replacement services.

Comprehensive Rack Integration –
Shipped In Four Weeks

We offer full integration of server, networking, and storage systems in individual and multi-rack environments. This includes server-level imaging, burn-in, customer IP & hostname configuration, Power/Networking/KVM/IPMI Cabling, and Labeling. Our rack integration center is also able to accommodate consigned goods integration. We help you achieve project delivery deadlines.

Purpose-Built Solutions for OEMs

Equus understands your success is our success. That’s why we help guide you to the best hardware solution for your product.

You need a solution that is purpose-built to optimize your product while providing the quality your customers demand while also seamlessly supporting your entire product lifecycle.  We engineer custom solutions for several OEM product scenarios: Small Form Factor, Node, Rack, and Multi-Rack Suite. 

Our Global Locations
Los Angeles, California | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Chicago, IL | Frankfurt, Germany | São Paulo, Brazil | Taipei, Taiwan

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Equus Compute Solutions can help support your OEM product from end to end. Our goal is to be embedded in your success.

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